Colonix Colon Cleansing Product Review – 12/18/07

This is day 46 of my colon cleansing product review for Dr. Natura’s Colonix program.

After a few non-eventful days consisting of normal bowel movements, I had another weird one this morning. It was a very large, spongy mass and when I poked around a little bit I discovered that it was actually an extremely long, mucus-like strand. While I couldn’t get the entire stool to hold together for a picture, I was able to capture a pretty large piece of it.

Colon Cleanse Pictures

The piece pictured about was only about 20% of the total amount that was passed…

Colon Cleansing Reviews – Colonix 12/17/07

45 days into my Colonix colon cleansing reviews and again, not much to report for today. I had a few bowel movements throughout the day and I feel really good. No cramping and no constipation.

Colonix Body Detox Review – 12/16/07

44 days into my Colonix colon cleanse and unfortunately, nothing exciting to report today. I did have a few normal bowel movements during the day, and the cramping that I experienced last night never returned.

Colonix Herbal Colon Cleanse Reviews – 12/15/07

Day 43 of my review of the Dr. Natura Colonix natural colon cleansing treatment. I had a few small bowel movements during the day and tonight I started to experience some pretty strong cramping. I went to the bathroom and there was an enormous amount of waste passed. About 10 or 15 minutes later, I had another onset of cramps and again had another large bowel movement. Everything is back to normal now and I feel great, no more cramps at the moment.

Colonix, Paranil, and KleriTea Review – 12/14/07

Day 42 of my Colonix cleanse and I had another strange looking bowel movement this morning after I got up. It contained more mucus-like stools which haven’t been spotted for several days.

Colonix Colon Cleanse Picture

DrNatura Colonix Colon Cleanse Treatment – 12/13/07

41 days into my DrNatura Colonix colon cleanse and again, no exciting news to report today.

I had a decent sized bowel movement again after I woke up this morning and am noticing that stools are beginning to take on a “spongy” texture.

Reviewing the Dr. Natura Colonix Cleanser – 12/12/07

Day 40 of my Dr. Natura Colonix colon cleansing program review and there isn’t much to report for today. I had a normal sized bowel movement this morning after getting up and a second one this afternoon. No crazy looking stools were spotted.

Dr. Natura Colonix Results – 12/11/07

Day 39 of my Colonix colon clean review and I passed another large bowel movement this morning after I woke up. Unfortunately, it was nothing worthy of a photo but I definitely noticed an increase in the quantity.

Colonix Colon Cleanse Review – 12/10/07

Day 38 of my Dr. Natura Colonix colon cleanse review and I continue to pass strange looking stools whenever I have a bowel movement.

Colon Cleansing Pictures

I’m very interested in seeing what what happens as I continue to take the Colonix supplements. I am definitely seeing some strange looking things when I go to the bathroom, and I’m going more frequently now than I was when I first started the colon cleansing treatment.

Dr. Natura Colonix Colon Cleanse Program Review – 12/9/07

I’m 37 days into my Dr. Natura Colonix colon cleanse treatment and I had another huge bowel movement this morning after waking up. The entire toilet bowl was filled with more mucus-like stools. While the biggest pieces didn’t hold together for a picture, I did manage to capture some of it in a photo:

Colon Cleansing Picture

Today’s bowel movement was one of the largest I’ve had since beginning the Colonix program.

Also, I begin taking the KleriTea and Paranil supplements again tomorrow…

Dr. Naturas Colonix Colon Cleansing Supplement Review – 12/8/07

Day 36 of review of Dr. Natura’s Colonix colon cleansing treatment and things continue to get more and more interesting. I woke up this morning and when I went to the bathroom, I passed the craziest looking stool to date. It was really, really strange — easily a foot in length and fortunately I was able to capture a good photo of it…

Dr. Natura Colonix Cleanse Photos

Incredibly enough, the entire rope-like stool was even longer but some of it broke apart. I’m going back on the full Colonix program shortly by the way as I’m still only taking the fiber powder.

Colonix Colon Cleanse Reviews – 12/7/07

Day 35 of my Dr. Natura Colonix colon cleanse and I had another strange bowel movement this morning after waking up. Unfortunately, everything broke up so I wasn’t able to take a good picture of it.

I had an extremely hectic morning and I totally forgot to take the fiber drink. As soon as I remembered that I forgot about it, I mixed one up and drank it. I’ve got a couple more days of only taking the Colonix fiber mix before I get back onto the full colon cleansing program again.

Is Colonix a Scam? Day 34 of my Review – 12/6/07

Day 34 of my journey to see if Colonix is a scam, and yesterday was the first day that I took a break from the herbal tea (KleriTea) and the anti-parasite supplement (Paranil). I drank more water than usual yesterday and when I woke up this morning, I went to the bathroom and passed a single large and strange looking stool.

I actually went to break the stool up and when I did, the entire thing actually came apart and turned out to be a huge strand of mucoid plaque. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay together in one piece but I was able to get a picture of part of it.

Colonix Colon Cleansing Photos

I’m going to continue to keep my water intake up and see if I experience a similar result tomorrow.

How to Naturally Cleanse Colon With Colonix – 12/5/07

As recommended in the DrNatura Colonix cleansing program instructions I took a break from a couple of the herbal detox supplements in my home colon cleanser treatment. I’ll continue drinking the Colonix fiber supplement each morning.

I had a bowel movement not long after waking up this morning and while it wasn’t very large, it did contain some more strange looking stools…

DrNatura Colonix Cleanse Picture

Since starting my home colon cleanse treatment, I can honestly say that every trip to the bathroom is turning into quite the adventure!

Colon Cleanse With Colonix – 12/4/07

Day 32 of my Dr. Natura Colonix review and again, I had a pretty normal day today. I’m going off of the KleriTea and Paranil capsules tomorrow for quite a few days, so I will only be taking the fiber supplement drink.

My first month on the Colonix colon cleansing program was a good experience overall. I was wondering if it would disrupt my day to day life and activities, but it didn’t. I’ve definitely seen some strange looking stools and bowel movements over the last month or so. As far as any Colonix negative side effects go, I had some very minor cramping from time to time but it always went away as soon as I went to the bathroom. As of right now, I don’t have a single Colonix complaint to make. Two thumbs up to Dr. Natura.

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